Pre-Order School Supplies
Camp KG

Your HES PTO has partnered with 1st day school supplies for the 2022/2023 school year. This is NOT a fundraiser & NOT mandatory. Simply a convenient option to purchase your school supplies for next year.

It’s SO easy! Just click the link, find your grade level for next year, & purchase before June 15th. The exact high quality & name brand products that the teachers have requested will be on their desk at back to school night. It doesn’t get easier than that!

YEARBOOK 2020-21
Oh no! I forgot something....but what? Oh, to order a Yearbook.

Do you still need a 2020-21 yearbook? You can order a yearbook and have them directly shipped to your house using the following website:

Free Meals for All Students
School Lunch

*Notice: Free Meals for All Students The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved all schools to offer free lunches to all students regardless of income. Those schools that offer breakfast will be able to offer free breakfast to all students as well. This means students will receive their meals for FREE this school year. Some things to keep in mind: Students must take the required components to make a reimbursable meal in order for it to be free. How students make a reimbursable meal will be posted/displayed in the cafeteria or during meal delivery. The cashier or other school staff will help students take a full reimbursable meal.

  • If students purchase extras (such as a bottled drink) available in the serving line, a la carte (such as singular milk or entree), snacks from vending machines, etc., the student will be charged for these items. If your student intends to purchase items other than a meal, please make sure there are adequate funds on their account.
  • Nothing needs to be sent to the school in order to have a student receive meals for free. Free meals are automatically offered to all students regardless of income.
  • Families that believe they would qualify for free and reduced meals normally, should still submit a free meal application as this can help with qualifying for other assistance programs for the family and student. Benefits from completing applications stretch far beyond the cafeteria and impact students in the classroom and at home. All information submitted in these applications is private and confidential.**
Breakfast and Lunch Updated information

Registration is Now Open

If you are a new family and want to come to the Borden-Henryville Schools, registration is now open! We want you!

For NEW families, go to this link:
If you are a returning family since 2015, please register in the parent portal of Infinite Campus.

Immunization Clinic
School Immunization Clinic
3rd Grade Veterans Day Performance 2021

Third graders singing, "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Patriotic Medley" and "Grateful To Be American". During the third song, the third graders are presenting thank you cards they made in art to a Veteran.

Henryville Elementary Chorus Veterans Day Performance 2021

5th and 6th-grade chorus singing, "Patriotic Medley", "Our Heroes Will Live On", and "American Me and You". We were proudly asked to create this performance for the Henryville Community Association.



Elizabeth Merewether Hufflepuff

Leslie Gabbard Slytherin


Peter Hathaway Hufflepuff

Karli Malone Slytherin

Dylan Holland Gryffindor

Gaige Ganci Ravenclaw

Kelcie Age Ravenclaw

Tiarra Wilkes Slytherin

Savannah Barr Gryffindor


Amy Newby Hufflepuff

Bryan Nance Ravenclaw

Natalia White Sytherin


Oliver Ramsey Ravenclaw

Logan Cummins Gryffindor

Kyle Spicer Gryffindor

Riley Howson Hufflepuff

Steven Mercer Ravenclaw


Curtis Ullrich Slytherin


Joel Richert Gryffindor

Katelynn Anderson Ravenclaw

Braxton Farmer Gryffindor

Tristin Greenwood Hufflepuff

Allie Robinson Ravenclaw

Asher Thompson Hufflepuff

Tyler Gilbert Slytherin

Chorus Members 21/22

1. Leslie Gabbard

2. Riley Howson

3. Isabelle Irwin

4. Hadley Tolliver

5. Lydia Ramsey

6. Gracie Schoeder

7. Ellie Joffrion

8. Emma Perez

9. Teagan Whistler

10.JJ Frayser

11. Makenzie Herron

12.Emma Hargis

13.Shey Goller

14.Logan Cummins

15.Naomi Lewis

16.Macy Miller

17.Kyhanne Luckey

18.Ava Kiel

19.Lane Toby

20.Caden Punch

21.Matthan Seitz

22.Cole Stettenbenz

23.Jordan Kiel

24.Corbin Blume

25.Riley Hill

26.Neveah Taylor

27.Daisy Wycoff

28.Elyse Kern

29.Cheyenne Dobbs

30.Abel Belcher

31.Avery Spencer

32.Hallie Brennan

33.Stella Gilles

34.Lily Bourke

35.Ethan Behr

36.Colt Guthrie

37.Mark Spencer

38.Braxton Farmer

39.Dylan Holland

40.Tristin Greenwood

41.Lenae Pierce

42.Olivia Taylor

43.Rachael Schreck

44.Ben Kirk

45.Edwin Mendiola

46.Paisley Bridges

47.Jacob Helton

48.Kyle Spicer

49.Briley Adams

50.Rayce Basham

51.Kelcie Age

52.Zayne Allen

53.Elizabeth Merewether

54.Mikayla Peacock